Preparing for Our Weekend Conference in Dallas

Preparing for Our Weekend Conference in Dallas

Travel is an exciting perk we offer members of Team Imperium Solutions, and we’re looking forward to our first big trip of 2019: a weekend conference in Dallas, Texas! Last month was very exciting, as everyone in the office pulled out all the stops so they could qualify for this exclusive event, and only our top performers were invited.

At the conference, we will network with and learn from some of the most successful people in our business. That’s not to say that the weekend will be all work and no play though; we’ll also be celebrating with those who received promotions and hit major milestones in their careers at a prestigious awards ceremony.

To ensure our away team is mentally and physically prepared for an intense weekend of training, development, and fun, we share travel tips as part of our Imperium Solutions training program. For example, we make sure we’ve got all the details of our trips worked out well in advance of leaving. Maps, schedules, and even guest lists are all procured and studied ahead of time, and we’ve always got flight and check-in times squared away, too.

Another way to be ready is to have all our portable devices charged up before heading out. Also, we double-check to make sure we have all the necessary charging cords and may even bring a back-up battery or two.

Our first trip of the year is sure to be an incredible success, and we look forward to seeing content from the event on our social media feeds. Like Imperium Solutions on Facebook to see what we see, and also to learn more of our travel tips.