Kicking for a Cause

Kicking for a Cause

Giving back is a big deal at Imperium Solutions. Recently, we laced up our sneakers and tossed on our shin guards to take part in a kickball tournament benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. As we just celebrated the 4th of July, we believed it was important and a great time for us to show we care about those who have defended our country.

The idea to give back to the Wounded Warrior Project came from one of our team members who heard about the event and checked into what this charity does to support veterans and military members who were injured while serving after 9-11. The organization provides care and resources to those individuals, whether their wounds are physical or related to PTSD.

Around Imperium Solutions, we like our people to take ownership of different projects, especially philanthropic giving. We believe that when we all buy in to make a difference, our impact is ten-fold. Here are some of the ways we encourage our people to be altruistic:

• Find a Cause That Matters to You: First and foremost, when it comes to selfless giving, we need to care about the organization and the work they are doing. When charities’ visions align with our own values, we’ll go the distance to help them.

• Think of a Meaningful Way to Give Back: We try to put some thought into how we’ll support each cause. This time, there was an actual event that we could literally put some sweat equity into as a way of giving back. Other times we might collect goods or go right to the source and roll up our sleeves to help.

• Set Goals: Imperium Solutions is all about impact. Making a difference means being able to point to what we did in measurable ways. Whether it’s a dollar amount raised, or hours of effort we put into to it, we go into each giveback venture with a target.

Meanwhile, we managed to capture some of our people’s mad kickball skills and yep, we’re posting them for all to see. Follow us on Instagram for highlights from this event and others.