Imperium Solutions on Ocean Wind Power

Imperium Solutions on Ocean Wind Power

Imagine an infinite source of power. What’s renewable and available every day? If you answered wind power, our Imperium Solutions team says you are correct. Where can you find an abundant form of this energy? It’s off shore. Let’s explore some facts about farming ocean winds:

⦁ Off Shore Winds Are More Reliable: Land-locked wind farms have the distinct disadvantage of being subject to wind-free days. However, as our Imperium Solutions experts suggest, ocean winds are consistent and strong. Capturing these gusts could generate perhaps four times the amount of electricity than grids. Think of the impact that could have on our electrical resources.

⦁ It’s Working in Europe: As Imperium Solutions pros note, the European Union has invested billions into wind farming over the last decade. Off-shore wind turbines are harnessing the power of strong winds along the North, Baltic and Irish Seas. As a result, 1.5 percent of the continent’s total electricity is off-shore wind-fueled, part of the 9 percent of the total electricity contribution from wind power.

⦁ Construction Firms Are Becoming More Efficient at Off-Shore Wind Farms: The initial reason to avoid off-shore wind farms has been the cost. However, thanks to the farms constructed in Europe and the recent one off Rhode Island’s coast, contractors are learning how to make this process more efficient.

Wind power is renewable. It’s efficient. It’s clean. With the promise of off-shore wind farms, the opportunities to bring this energy source to more places just keep getting better.