How We Make Travel a Big Learning Experience

How We Make Travel a Big Learning Experience

Ahhh, there’s nothing like a great team travel experience to perk up the Imperium Solutions office. Select people from our group just came back from Dallas, Texas, where they attended the quarterly networking conference. There was so much to see and learn at this wonderful event, we can barely contain ourselves as we think of all the ways in which we’ll put this new knowhow to good use.

Truth is, getting away from the office and checking out parts unknown is what makes Team Imperium Solutions. When we go on trips, we not only pick up new tips, but we get to see things from different perspectives, whether it’s exchanging information with others, or looking at the industry from an overall view.

Because we travel on a regular basis, we’ve picked up a few practices we’re happy to share here:

• Have Duplicates of Essentials for Travel: If you’ve ever packed for a trip, you know there’s a million little items that are easy to forget—like chargers or toothbrushes. One tip is to have a go-bag packed with things that you only use for travel. This way, you won’t forget them.

• Practice Deep Breathing: As much as we love to go on adventures, there are also little stressors that can make it less fun. That’s why we like to learn techniques like deep breathing and meditation that we can put in place when we need to re-energize and regroup.

• Have a Couple of Snacks Handy: No matter where we go (or how we get there), it’s always good to bring along a few nibbles for the road. Airport snacks can be pricey and the munchies on the plane are limited. And who doesn’t appreciate some treats while traveling by car.

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