Combining Giving Back With Island Trip

Combining Giving Back With Island Trip

Imperium Solutions is headed to Haiti! Select team members will travel to this Caribbean island to install solar panels and bring energy to those who have never enjoyed what we take for granted. Of course, being the fun team that we are, we’ll find time to explore this country during our stay.

Haiti is on the western side of the island known as Hispaniola, the other side of which is the Dominican Republic. This country is one of the poorer nations in the world, and has faced some tough times due to a catastrophic earthquake in 2010 and recent hurricanes that have caused destruction. We’ll be there to take part in the rebuilding efforts, working on behalf of Imperium Solutions’ partner, Inspire Energy, a leading provider in alternative energy technologies.

As we roll up our sleeves and pitch in, we know that we’re both bringing clean energy to Haiti’s underserved residents and making a huge difference in their lives. Here in the U.S., few people live without the convenience of electricity to their homes. It will be a thrill for us to see how our work impacts communities where a powered home is a luxury.

To go on the trip, our team members will be selected based on consistent performance and integrity. We consider travel a reward for hard work, and we certainly will make this experience one that’s a fond memory for those who qualify.

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